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Reality Photography: Beautiful Living Room

"Properly lit, high-resolution photos are the only type of pictures that should be used in a home marketing campaign."
- Forbes

You're here, so you already know that professional photography helps you sell homes. Great news! - You're ahead of the competition. Only 15% of real estate agents take advantage of the most up-to-date, undeniable marketing statics that photography taken by a professional translates into higher values, quicker sales, and more referrals. For an extremely reasonable investment, you can ensure every one of your properties has the most outstanding, memorable and eye-catching online presence possible!

Did you Know?

  • Homes photographed by a professional gain 61% more views online
  • Professionally photographed homes sell for up to $19,000 more
  • Photography costs a fraction of one percent of the sell value of your home
  • Eye-tracking research of people looking at online real estate listings shows that 95% look at photos first, and specifically the outside of the house for 20 seconds!
  • Across all price tiers, homes with DSLR photography were more likely to sell within six months than homes with point-and-shoot photos
  • Over 90% of potential buyers are looking at listings online before physically visiting a property, and 88% of those buyers want to see professional photos!
Beautiful House in the Fall Living Room Kitchen

Why Use a Professional?

  • Photographers use composition, color and lighting to make the photo more appealing
  • Photographers stay up-to-date on industry standards and techniques. What is selling right now? What angles are in style? What color compositions catch the eyes of 30-something first-time home buyers? We know the answers.
  • Most potential buyers look at the homes online again AFTER they've taking a tour. This is when they can be sharing links and planning furniture placement... or they can be changing their minds due to dark, blurry, poorly-composed images.
  • Ametuer photographers "show the space". Professional photographers show it off!

We Love Our Real-Estate Agents!

Re-occurring real-estate clients always receive 20% off our standard pricing. No discount codes, no coupons, no having to remember to mention anything. It just happens!


How Can You Make the Most of your Photoshoot?

  • Start by contacting us! You'll want to plan your shoots in advance
  • Have the home in tip-top shape: fully cleaned and de-cluttered
  • Make sure all in-house lighting have working bulbs
  • Ask your client to hide the outdoor trash cans
  • Make sure lawn is mowed and landscaping is cleaned up
  • Note interesting features you specifically want photographed
  • Download our pre-photoshoot checklist

We Show Off Every Space!


Spacious Kitchen


Beautiful Screened-In Porch

Dining Rooms

Gorgeous Dining Room